To leave or not to leave…that is the (constant) question…

I am lucky enough to have lived and known life in another country, another culture and another continent. I am lucky enough to have successfully climbed the career ladder and built a life in the sun. Everyone who knows me thinks I’m lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m lucky; I KNOW I am lucky…but the luckier I am, the harder the decision to give it all up becomes.

I will have to give it all up one day. Dubai is a bubble that is waiting to burst. For some people that happens within a year or two, for others it takes a decade. I feel like my Dubai life is like a fast-flowing river and I’ve taken it upon myself to build a dam that is protecting it from overflowing back to reality. Leaving is going to be hard.

Every year goes something like this:

1. I’ll not think about it until Christmas

2. I think about it until Christmas

3. Christmas at home is fun, but nothing has changed and it is cold 

4. I return to the sun and fall back in love with Dubai

5. The time comes when I need to decide if I’m staying or leaving so I stop thinking about it

6. It is too late to leave so I sign up to another year…

7. Repeat

I don’t know if I actually want to leave Dubai or if I consider it every year because I thinks it’s strange that I don’t want to. I don’t want to leave prematurely, yet I don’t want to spend my last year wishing I was home (or somewhere else…) I’ve weighed up the pros and cons a thousand times and Dubai wins – for now. 

Where would I go next? Would I survive without the sun and the tax free salary? Would I regret it? Will I adapt back to life in Glasgow? My head hurts even thinking about it!

I am at stage number 1 of the cycle right now, and I am anticipating the next 6 until this time next year when, no doubt, it will all start again.